New Pulsar Thermal Imaging 2023

Pulsar thermal imaging soars into 2023 with some game-changing developments to an already impressive thermal range. The newly announced models enhance the ever-changing needs of the user.

Experience the first ever upgradable thermal spotter with extreme thermal sensitivity, a new-age of multispectral scopes, new Pulsar Merger LRF Binoculars and more.

Pulsar Telos for sale

Telos: cutting-edge upgradable thermal monocular

Pulsar’s innovative new concept is an upgradable thermal imaging monocular – the Telos handheld model. This starts with the Telos LRF XP50 followed by its version without the thermal rangefinder (Telos XP50). The Telos is designed to be futureproof. It is the first line of Pulsar thermal imaging devices on the market offering the option of technical upgrades. It offers a relevant, cost effective product going forward. This thermal spotter is synonymous with high-resolution imagery and timeless solutions. The first offering in the new line is the Telos LRF XP50 equipped with the best European-made Lynred sensor with a 640x480 pixel resolution @17 microns pixel pitch. But the real game changer is its extreme NETD thermal sensitivity below 18 milliKelvin. This level of sensor has simply stunning thermal imaging capabilities even in severly bad weather.

More innovation with the Pulsar Binoculars

If you prefer the comfort of exploring with two eyes rather than one, you must try out the extended line of Pulsar Merger thermal imaging binoculars. After introducing the Merger LRF XP50 in 2022, Pulsar has now announced their first ever HD thermal binoculars with a new and powerful 1024x768 pixel resolution XL sensor - the Merger LRF XL50. Still with the classical Pulsar Merger design, now with superb HD image quality and detail. The announced Merger LRF XL50 binoculars boast a very wide field of view for quick scanning and target acquisition, and high-resolution imagery with superb detail across the whole range of variable magnification, from 2.5x up to 20x.

For more compact and lightweight Pulsar Merger binoculars with a built-in thermal rangefinder, look no further than the announced Merger LRF XQ35. These feature a high sensitivity 384x288 pixel resolution @17 microns and NETD below 25 milliKelvin.

Pulsar Merger LRF for sale

Krypton 2: More Compact and Versatile Thermal Add-On

Now released (and in stock with us) is the neater, more user-friendly Pulsar Krypton 2 thermal add-on. This second-generation Krypton is more compact, lightweight, and fully adapted to the hunter’s needs. It features advanced image quality in full-HD multicolour mode and a high-quality European-made Lynred thermal imaging sensor that offers exceptionally crisp, sharp, and richly contrasted thermal imaging in all weather conditions. The flagship model Krypton 2 FXG50 features a high sensor resolution of 640x480 pixels @12 µm. In combination with the powerful fast aperture F50/1.0 thermal lens, it offers ultimate detection capabilities. A standard 1.8 m tall object can be detected at an extra-long 2300 meters distance even in complete darkness.

Pulsar Krypton thermal add on for sale


Thermion Duo DXP50: Colour for the Day, Thermal at Night

Welcome the Thermion Duo DXP50, Pulsar’s first ever multispectral riflescope, with 4K colour channel for daytime and exceptional thermal imaging for night time – all at the push of a button. An amazing hybrid thermal imaging rifle scope that allows for detailed colour viewing during the day and then top-quality thermal images at night. There is nothing else like this on the market.

Pulsar thermion duo for sale

Expanded Pulsar Axion XQ line: Upgraded Thermal Spotters

Now released (and in stock with us) are the two new Axion thermal spotter models, the Axion 2 LRF XQ35 Pro and the Axion 2 XQ35 Pro. These pocket-sized thermal imaging monoculars feature enhanced quality thermal imaging in low temperature contrast conditions.

They are equipped with a European-made Lynred thermal imaging sensor with a 384x288 pixel resolution @ 17 microns (compared to the 12 microns in the previous generation of the Axion 2 XQ). They also boast extended battery life and full WiFi.

Pulsar Axion Pro thermal spotters for sale

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