Pulsar Krypton 2 XG50 Thermal Add-On

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Model: FXG50 (without 3x20 monocular)

Compact and Upgraded Thermal Add-On 

The new Pulsar Krypton 2 XG50 thermal imaging add on ushers in the next stage in the Krypton series’ evolution, with a sensitive 640×480, 12 µm, <40 mK NETD thermal sensor and powerful 50mm f1.0 objective lens to achieve crisp and incredibly detailed thermal imagery at an astonishing range of up to 2300m.

This Pulsar Krypton 2 XG50 has a highly sensitive, European-made 640x480, 12 m, 40 mK NETD thermal sensor that produces a sharp, richly contrasted thermal picture for improved animal identification, including the ability to see even the tiniest details, such as branches, leaves, grass, and terrain.

It boasts an impressive 2300 m Extra-Long Detection Range and the quick-change rechargeable Li-Ion IPS7 battery pack provides enough power to keep the Krypton 2 XG50 operational for up to 11 hours

With this thermal sensor and an efficient 50mm f1.0 fast aperture germanium objective lens, exceptional detection skills are available. In total darkness, a standard 1.8m tall object can be detected at an astounding range of up to 1300m.

This Pulsar thermal add on requires the Pulsar PSP adapter (not included) for mounting onto a scope. Simply choose the correct adapter for fitting to a day scope. The Pulsar Krypton 2 XG50 comes with a 3x20 monocular for easily converting it from a scope add on to a handheld scanning unit.

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