Commission Sales

Commission sales are an excellent way to maximise your return on used binoculars, telescopes and rifle scopes.

At Cluny Country Store we offer a professional and convenient commission sales service. If you are not in a hurry to sell, this hassle-free method allows you complete control over the sale of your equipment. 

The Process

Every set of binoculars, each riflescope or telescope brought in will be thoroughly checked over and tested before sale. If there are any issues found, you will be notified and repairs can be arranged at very competitive prices.

Once we have checked the optic, we will then give you a suggested selling price for the item: this is based on current market trends and over 25 years experience. We must also agree on a guarantee price (lowest sell price), below which we will not make the sale. If you are not happy with our valuations, there is no harm done and you are free to uplift your item/s. Customers who have used us for commission sales in the past have usually been delighted with the sums they receive.

What We Charge & Offer

Our commission for this service is set at 5% of the total sale value and hence it is very much in our interest to get as much as possible when selling your binoculars, rifle scope or telescope. The guarantee price (lowest sale price) merely sets a bottom line below which we will not sell the item. 

Encompassed into our 5% commission is a professional and experienced selling service which covers:

  • The advertising of your item on our website, social media and relevant forums
  • Over 25 years experience in the buying and selling of sports optics within the UK
  • Access to our extensive customer base
  • Credit Card Charges
  • The VAT we have to pay for the service we are providing

What if I change my mind or manage to sell the item privately?

Any optic brought in on a commission sale basis may be uplifted at any time, however prior warning is much appreciated. Upon uplift, there will a nominal fee of £25.00 for the services already provided (registration, advertising, our time etc).

Contact us if you wish to discuss any aspect of this service (01592 882600), otherwise please pop in with the item/s you wish to sell and we can proceed.