Swarovski tM35 Thermal Monocular Adapter

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Size: tMA-24

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Quick-Detachable Thermal Adapter

The tMA thermal monocular adapter is used to attach Swarovski's TM35 thermal device onto your Swarovski Optik rifle scope.

It allows the tM35 to be very easily and quickly converted from a hand-held thermal device to a clip-on device. Once on, the Swarovski TM35 requires no sighting in and guarantees a reliable point of impact.

The tMA thermal monocular adapter is compatible with SWAROVSKI OPTIK Z8i, Z6i, Z5(i) and Z3 riflescopes.

The tMA thermal monocular adapter for tM 35 is made from aluminum and is available in seven sizes. N.B - the number refers to the objective lens diameter of the rifle scope.

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