Zeiss LRP S3 425-50 Rifle Scope

Sale price£2,100.00

Reticule: ZF-MOAi

Long-Range Shooting Made Easier

The greatest total elevation travel in its class is offered by the ZEISS LRP S3 first focal plane riflescope.

The finest option for medium- to extremely long-range shooting is the ZEISS LRP S3 425-50 scope. More accurate shot placement is made possible by the combination 160 MOA or 46.5 MILs elevation turret and 4x-25x magnification.

These First Focal Plane (FFP) riflescopes focus on long-range shooting and long-range hunting. Offering seamless operation with top-quality visuals.

View the larger Zeiss S3 LRP 6-36x56 scope here.

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