Zeiss DTI 6 Thermal Spotter

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Lens Size: 40mm

*UK Users Only*

Zeiss's Most Powerful Handheld Thermal Imager 

Zeiss introduces their outstanding new DTI 6 thermal imager focused on top-level identification at distance, alongside their renowned overall image quality. 

The handheld thermal DTI 6 boasts a 640 × 480 sensor with 12-micron pixel pitch and an 1024 × 768 HD AMOLED display. Zeiss Smart Image Processing (ZSIP) ensures the ability to identify key details under difficult conditions and with low thermal contrast.

Practically, the DTI 6 thermal  has several clever offerings:

  • the ability to change lenses (20mm or 40mm, extra lenses can be bought separately) for optimal suitability to conditions. For instance, the 20mm lens is more compact for smaller areas and woodland, whereas the 4omm lens offers a bigger field of view so is helpful in large open fields.
  • top scroll wheel, easily located for quick zoom alteration and menu scrolling
  • Connects to the Zeiss Hunting App for easy data transfer and image viewing

Additionally, the battery with this unit allows 6.5 hours of continuous use and can be rapidly changed with ease. 

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Zeiss DTI 6 Thermal Spotter