Zeiss DTC 3/38 Thermal Add-On

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A Compact, Reliable Thermal Add-On with Intuitive Controls

Zeiss's intuitive, easy-to-use thermal scope add-on device. 

Make sure every night hunt is successful with the new ZEISS DTC 3 Thermal Imaging Clip-On , which features perfectly compatible optics, a large and high-contrast 1024 768 HD AMOLED display, intuitive ergonomics, and an app-controlled zeroing assistant. They also have an excellent 10-hour battery life and a wide range of customization options (when connected to the ZEISS Hunting App via Bluetooth).

In open terrain, range and long-range accuracy are essential for night hunting. The ZEISS DTC 3/38 features a wider field of view, a precision click value of 1.6 cm at 100 metres, and a field of view of 12.3 metres at 100 metres, allowing for exceedingly accurate zeroing and, consequently, highly accurate and moral shots.

It is important to note that this unit does not come with the Adapter (sizes differ according to your scope lens diameter) and adapter ring (one size) that are needed to mount it onto your day scope. Both of these items must be purchased separately. Please contact us if you would like this more thoroughly explained. 

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Zeiss DTC 3/38 Thermal Add-On