Vorn LT12 Backpack

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Compact, Quick-Release Rifle Backpack

The Vorn LT12 Backpack is Vorn's most compact and lightest backpack, with a 12 litre capacity. It is perfect for a hunt where you don't need a huge amount of equipment/things and you would like to keep your backpack light.

The comfortable straps and well designed backpack allows the weight of you firearm and belonging to be distributed across your back. It's no surprise that Vorn hunting backpacks are becoming increasingly popular among hunters throughout the world with their comfort, quality and functionality. You can concentrate on the hunt with your firearm safely stored but ready to be accessed the minute you need it.

Due to meticulous attention to detail and high-quality materials, a Vorn backpack will function for many years.

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Vorn LT12 Backpack