Swarovski ATX Telescope Eyepiece Module

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Modular, Angled Eyepiece for Swarovski's ATX Telescopes

The Swarovski ATX Telescope Eyepiece Module is a comfortable, angled eyepiece ensuring a stable and effortless viewing experience with Swarovski Optik's ATX telescopes. Its design makes long-range observation significantly easier, especially when your subject is located in the sky, in a tree, or on a hill.

This sleek eyepiece fits onto the 65mm, 85mm, 95mm or 115mm objective lens units to complete your ideal telescope make-up (objective lens sold seperately). 

Swarovski Optik's clever modular system allows you to create your perfect spotting scope and as it can be dismantled it is very easy to safely transport. All in all, these Swarovski spotting scopes guarantee high-contrast, and lifelike images meaning, simply, that you won’t miss a single detail.

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Swarovski ATX Telescope Eyepiece Module

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