Swarovski 115mm Objective Telescope Module

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Enjoy Ultimate Detail with Swarovski's Largest Telescope Lens

The Swarovski ATX/STX/BTX 115mm Objective Telescope Module provide 30-70x magnication and the largest lens option for the modular Swarovski spotting scope systems (eyepiece sold separately). The 115-mm objective module raises the bar with the largest lenses on the market which gives you a crucial benefit, particularly at dawn and dusk. Now you can see things others miss and make out the tiniest details

Swarovski's Swarovision technology has redefined the concept of optical quality. It delivers unparalleled sharpness, completely distortion-free image – right up to the edges and razor-sharp contours. The innovative lens coatings from Swarovski Optik also provides maximum colour fidelity, with excellent colour rendering and high light transmission.

All in all, these Swarovski spotting scopes guarantee high-contrast, and lifelike images meaning, simply, that you won’t miss a single detail.

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Swarovski 115mm Objective Telescope Module