Sportsmatch TO35C 11mm D/tail 30mm medium Rings

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High-quality mounts for 30mm scopes

The Sportsmatch TO35C 13mm Dovetail Mounts are high-quality two-piece double screw mounts designed for 30mm scopes with up to 44mm lenses. These mounts feature a recoil pin for added stability.

Sportsmatch® UK Ltd., a reputable company with 49 years of experience, is a market leader in manufacturing rifle scope mounts and rings for various types of rifle shooting, including sporting, target, and centrefire shooting. Their products are proudly made in Britain and are known for their exceptional quality.

The Sportsmatch TO35C 13mm Dovetail Mounts are precision-manufactured using the latest CNC machinery. However, before final assembly, each component undergoes meticulous hand inspection to ensure proper alignment and a secure grip on your rifle and scope. This meticulous attention to detail ensures optimal accuracy. The Sportsmatch range offers a wide selection of heights and diameters to suit almost any rifle and scope combination.

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