Spartan Javelin Lite Bipod

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Length: Standard (7.2")

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Spartan's lightest carbon fibre bipods

As Spartan's lightest carbon fibre bipods, the Javelin Lite range offers three leg lengths to accommodate your preferred shooting height. These modular bipods (the legs are interchangeable and can be bought separately) offer a robust, lightweight balancing solution. 

These bipods weigh only 130-135g and therefore do not compromise the balance of the rifle as a whole. They can also be attached and detached very quickly using "Spartan's Magnetic Attachment System".

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Spartan Javelin Lite Bipod
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stuart f.
Javelin standard leg

Brilliant bit of kit for occasional shooting of bipod. It will never be a f class bipod but it's not ment to be.

Light weight
Quick deployment/attachment
Very well made
Easy to stow

I find these bipod perfect for stalking. Rifle sits on sling no bipod poking you 9 out of 10 of us will never be fortunate enough to be prone shooting deer anyway but incase the opportunity arrives 10 seconds has it out your pocket, fitted and deployed. The pod can be fitted 2 ways lever facing shooter allows you to lock the tilt. Fit it 180 degrees this allows the pod to pan very handy. I see alot of negative reviews regarding the adapter turning while used with a sling simple solution on a synthetic stock is a little spray glue or hair spray both sides of the rubber pad you will not have to worry about movement again.

Rob C.
Great service and price.

The best price I could find online with free next day delivery.