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Spartan Javelin Lite Bipod

  • £129.00

As Spartan's lightest carbon fibre bipods, the Javelin Lite range offers three leg lengths to accommodate your preferred shooting height. These modular bipods (the legs are interchangeable and can be bought separately) offer a robust, lightweight balancing solution. 

These bipods weigh only 130-135g and therefore do not compromise the balance of the rifle as a whole. They can also be attached and detached very quickly using "Spartan's Magnetic Attachment System".


  • Track targets with the traversing function or use in locked target mode
  • Interchangeable fixed-height legs
  • Quick and easy to swap to other rifles using the spartan magnetic attachment system
  • Secure sling attachment
  • Low profile adapter makes carrying a slung rifle comfortable
  • Range of different accessory legs available to accommodate different shooting positions and terrains
  • Supplied with classic rifle adapter kit to attach bipod
  • Compatible with a full range of 12mm Spartan adapters

Watch Spartan's video on these bipods HERE