Schmidt & Bender PMII 5-25x56 Scope

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Specialist Scope Built for Long Range

The 5-25x56 PM II model is setting the benchmark for the industry in terms of optical quality and mechanical reliability. Due to its great magnification range and well-engineered performance it is very popular among military/police units as well as competition shooters which are demanding the best of the best.

The 5-25x56 PM II/LP/MTC/LT is the latest model of the 5-25x56 PM II series. Expanded functions of the adjustment turrets make the scope even more suitable for today's applications. The MTC/LT turret (More Tactile Clicks/Locking Turret) represents a highly sophisticated and lockable tactical turret design. The shooter has two turns available for elevation adjustment, the so called Double Turn turret. Here, a tactile rotational indicator appears on the top of the turret during the transition to the second rotation. In addition, at every 10th click, the tactile response is more pronounced, making fast adjustment possible without having to look at the turret. The locking action is triggered by pulling up the outer ring of the turret, and it is set by pressing it down again. A red symbol indicates the locked position. The locking function especially is considered to be the one of the best within the industry. This is one of the reasons why Schmidt & Bender has been supplying the Special Forces of Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines with the 5-25x56 PM II since 2011.

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