Pulsar Digex C50 Digital Rifle Scope

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Full-Colour Night Vision Scope

Pulsar's NEW Digex C50 digital rifle scope is the latest upgrade within digital night vision. Not only is the Digex C50 equipped with a larger, more powerful 1928x1088 FHD CMOS sensor (ensuring much improved optical performance), but it also offers viewing in full colour during the day as well as during twilight hours and low-light environments, effectively banishing the darkness from view.

A conveniently placed aperture ring, near the objective of the scope, allows adjustment to be made to either the daytime or twilight setting. Later, during complete darkness/nightfall, a quick tap of a button switches the device into full-night mode (black & white). 

This pulsar scope comes with or without their new Digex XS series IR illuminator. This powerful IR illuminator offers a 3 fold increase in optical power, compared to the previous models. 

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Pulsar Digex C50 Digital Rifle Scope