Innomount 1-piece Quick Release Mount (Blaser)

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Variant: 30mm Rings extended - 20mm high (compatible w/ther

Repeatable, Quick-Detachable Blaser Scope Mount

Innomount has collaborated with Pulsar to develop a selection of Mounts that can be used in conjunction with various products and mounted to a variety of rifles. Mounts can be mounted onto rifles in two quick steps with repeatable ease and without the necessity for even a single tool. Consequently, the aiming device can be exchanged within a matter of seconds. The scope ring has a low construction height and is highly durable.

Innomount Blaser to 30mm Rings - 20mm High (Standard) (Compatible w/Pulsar Thermion)

Once this product is fitted and the rifle is zeroed, it can be removed and replaced without losing zero. 

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