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FjallRaven Keb Jacket W

  • £175.00 GBP
As a fully active outdoor ladies jacket, the Keb offers a full range of movement in a durable, breathable, stretch and water-resistant coat. 

Ideal for a multitude of outdoor activities including hiking, fishing, camping and more. The Keb jacket's clever G-1000 Eco fabric, made from recycled polyester and organic cotton, offers an excellent modern fit in a completely functional jacket. Features a storm hood, ventilated side/pit openings, two beat pockets and a handy sleeve pocket. 

G-1000® (original): The dense material is a mixture of recycled polyester 65% & organic cotton 35%. G-1000® weave is PFC - free impregnated, mosquito proofed, UV protected & waxable.

Recycled Polyester/Polyamide: Fjallraven uses recycled from pet bottles, unusable second-hand fabric and offcuts substances in order to; prevent waste, be eco-friendly and reduce air, water and soil contamination. 
Organic cotton: 
Fjallraven cotton material is without toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Using organic cotton systems supports biodiversity, healthy ecosystems, improve the quality of soil and less water substance. Cotton is recommended for outdoor activities due to its moisture-binding properties with a later cooling effect. 
ECO: Waterproof, breathable and sustainable material with fluorocarbon
-free impregnation, outer fabric in recycled polyester, climate compensated production and last but not least very easy to re-recycle.