Blaser Shooting Sticks 2.0

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Blaser Carbon Shooting Sticks

Blaser's updated version of their extremely popular Carbon Fibre shooting sticks. 

 With a clever rotating front pistol grip, you can ensure constant target acquisition with moving targets (over 20 metres laterally at a range of 100 metres). Moreover, the "V" rest within the front grip can be replaced with a stud (comes with the sticks) that fits into the Blaser Bipod cone (the same cone that comes with the Blaser R8 Carbon bipod kit). This allows effortless switching between the Blaser R8 bipod and Blaser shooting sticks as required.

 Stud included to fit into R8 Bipod Cone. Compatible with the additional Blaser 5th leg for ultimate stability. 

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Blaser 2.0 shooting sticks

Great product. After looking at many other quad sticks, the blaser 2.0 were my choice. Fantastic service from the store with quick delivery.