Blaser B2 2-12x50 iC Rifle Scope

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Compact, Powerful Rifle Scope

Blaser B2 riflescopes have undergone the same stress resistance tests that are usual for testing premium riflescopes, and all B2 models passed with flying colours.

The Blaser B2 riflescopes are particularly compact, with overall lengths up to four centimetres less than comparable scopes. This low overall length guarantees that a clip-on device may be operated comfortably from the shooting position while also preventing the rifle's centre of gravity from being moved forward needlessly when hunting. Another benefit of the compact design is the zoom system's moving lenses have a narrow range of motion, resulting in enhanced mechanical precision and a more stable point of impact while changing magnification. At the same time, the mechanical robustness compensates for the additional stress on the scope when shooting with a clip-on device.

In combination with the easy-to-mount, absolutely repeatable attachment mounts and the ­corresponding clip-on device, the Blaser B2 riflescopes become true ­night ­hunting specialists.


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