Swarovski's New Compact, Powerful Spotting Scopes

Swarovski's New Compact, Powerful Spotting Scopes | Cluny Country

Small, Lightweight & Compact

Swarovski ATC spotting scope for sale

Swarovski Optik has released the new ATC/STC spotting scope, catering to nature enthusiasts who require a compact and lightweight solution without compromising on optics.


Available in three versions, the Swarovski ATC (Angular Telescope) and STC (Straight Telescope) offer exceptional performance in a small package, measuring only 258 mm/285 mm (10.2 in/11.2 in) in length and weighing 970 g/980 g (34.2 oz/34.6 oz). The product developers at Swarovski faced the challenge of incorporating high optical performance into this compact design, resulting in impressive results.


Swarovski STC green spotting scope for sale


These spotting scopes are user-friendly, featuring a half shell for stable positioning on surfaces, easy focusing, and a turning wheel. It is also compatible with Swarovski’s variable phone adapter (VPA), allowing users to capture observations on camera by connecting it to a smartphone.


The ATC/STC is available in: angled view (ATC) in green or Burnt Orange, and straight view (STC) in green. It is a single unit and cannot be separated into eyepiece and objective modules.

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