Cluny introduces the Freyr & Devik range

Cluny introduces the Freyr & Devik range | Cluny Country

Gone are the days of fitting a huge, heavy moderator on the end of your barrel, making the rifle unbalanced and unwieldy. That’s the view of Robbie Shedden of Cluny Country.

His company import the Freyr & Devik range of moderators which are lighter and more efficient than anything that’s gone before.

The existing Freyr & Devik models, the Featherweight line, were impressive enough, with a titanium core and aluminium baffle stack.

Those remain current, but Robbie is excited about the latest development. He has a couple of prototypes that promise better performance for even less weight.

“These new little beauties are actually quite amazing. I’m a bit baffled by it myself, if you’ll excuse the pun!”

“The new models have baffles made of 3D printed titanium, so the weight to suppression ratio is amazing,” enthuses Robbie.

“The manufacturer has tested them extensively and they’ve had no problems. And dare I say it, they are virtually maintenance-free. The anti-corrosion properties of titanium are amazing.”

“We’re very excited to get the first production line of these and get them into people’s hands, they’re going to be amazed!”

Prices for the Featherweight range start at £330.

Find out more at the Freyr & Devik website.

See the range at Cluny Country Guns.

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