How to Zero A Pulsar Thermal Scope

How to Zero Pulsar thermal scope


Step 1. Take a shot

  1. Shooting from a benchrest is recommended.
  2. Set a target at a known distance.
  3. Adjust the riflescope according to the Powering On and Image Setting section.
  4. Select the zeroing profile (see Zeroing Profile main menu item)
  5. Aim at the center of your target and shoot.

Step 2. Align the reticle with the point of impact

  1. If the point of impact does not match the aiming point, press and hold down the controller button (6) to enter the main menu.
  2. Rotate the controller ring (6) to select the Zeroing submenu. To confirm the selection, briefly press the controller button (6).
  3. Set the zeroing distance value (see Zeroing menu item Add New Distance submenu).
  4. Confirm the selected zeroing distance value by long pressing the controller button (6).
  5. The Zeroing Parameters Settings additional menu will appear on the screen.
  6. Cross hairs Cross Hairs appear in the center of the display. X and Y coordinates of the cross hairs are in the upper right corner.
  7. Rotate the controller ring (6) to select the icon .
  8. Press the controller button (6) briefly.
  9. Holding the reticle in the aiming point, move the cross hairs by rotating the controller ring (6) until the cross hairs match the point of impact. To switch the direction, briefly press the controller button (6).

Zoom Zeroing function:

To improve the accuracy of zeroing, you can change the magnification in the menu . The larger the magnification, the smaller the step of shifting the reticle on the display relative to the image from the sensor.

One-shot "Freeze Zeroing" function:

Using the Freeze function allows you to make adjustments without the need to hold the rifle precisely at your aiming point – freezing the zeroing screen (refer to Zeroing menu item Distance submenu Zeroing Parameters Settings submenu Freeze submenu or short pressing of the ON/OFF (3) button).

Step 3. Save the coordinates

  1. To save the new reticle position, press and hold the controller button (6). The reticle is aligned with the point of impact and the submenu exits.
  2. Press and hold the controller button (6) again to exit the zeroing settings menu - the message “Zeroing coordinates saved” appears, confirming the successful operation.
  3. Fire a second shot - now the point of impact and the aiming point must be matched.



  • After zeroing, the reticle may not be in the center of the display.
  • The range of movement of the riflescope reticle allows you to successfully zero the riflescope, even on mounts that are far from ideal, minimizing the possible disadvantages of the mounts. The better the mount is installed, the less you have to move the reticle. We recommend mounting the riflescope as low as possible.
  • Zeroing at a temperature close to the riflescope’s operating temperature is recommended.


Alternatively, watch Pulsar's video zeroing below:

How to Zero A Pulsar Thermal Scope