Zeiss Victory V8 2.8-20x56 ASV+ Long Range Rifle Scope

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  • £2,495.00 GBP
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All Round Brilliance

From a driven hunt to stalking to long range shooting...Zeiss's Victory V8 offers it all: no rifle scope has ever been so uniquely flexible and versatile. This is largely down to its huge zoom range and bullet drop compensation range.

The V8 owes its unrivalled image clarity and target resolution to its unique transmission of 92%, it's HT glass and the extremely wide fields of view. It has also set new benchmarks in ergonomic excellence. For example, the world's finest illuminated dot can be easily and precisely operated, while the short and compact design ensures maximum ease of use.

This outstanding rifle sight is rounded off with the ASV LongRange system whose large adjustment range ensures maximum distances. Regardless of the hunting situation, the Victory V8 guarantees absolute precision and perfection. It is the only true all-rounder.

Please note, ring and rail mounted versions are the same price- please specify.