Pulsar Axion Key XM30 Thermal Imager

  • £1,159.00 GBP

 Leading the field in Thermal night vision, Pulsar has introduced the Axion series of thermal spotters. These thermal units are brilliantly compact and lightweight, designed to fit perfectly in one hand or most pockets.

They support effortless one-handed operation with their simplified button controls and shape. Despite these comfortable ergonomics, no compromise has been made on the durability of the Pulsar Axions - they boast tough magnesium alloy housing, ensuring rigidity and ruggedness.


- Detection Range: 1300m, Magnification 2.5-10x

- 8 Colour palettes

- Waterproof up to 30 minutes submerged in a maximum of 1 metre of water

- Instant startup

- NEW quick-change batteries


**NB- This model does not have Pulsar's Stream Vision. You cannot record or live stream to a tablet/phone**


 For full details, view them on Pulsar's website here: Pulsar Axion Information