Hawke Frontier 30 SF 2.5-15x50 IR Rifle Scope (LR dot reticule)

The new Frontier scope from Hawke offers a new level of optical excellence. With its precision optical system and multi layered coatings, Hawke's flagship sights offer exceptional clarity and light transmission through a very well priced optic. A true masterpiece.

Frontier range features:

- side focus control for exact parallax adjustment (from 10 yards)- soft rubber integration into the smooth zoom ensures optimal feel and grip to enhance the operating system-index matched lenses- long eye relief for high recoil/magnum calibres- unique 21 layer multi coated lenses to ensure optimal light transmission- compact, "no-snag" windage/ elevation turrets for consistant 1/4 MOA adjustment- 1/4" @ 100yds per click, with total of 15" for revolution- a sturdy yet smooth high torque zoom ring, ensuring no movement with high recoil- seemless illumination control with the new "stepless rheostat" system, offering total brightness control- 30mm tube giving excellent strength and adjusment allowance- Glass etched reticule- Comes with elasticated lens covers, suns shade, battery, lens cloth

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