Harkila Heat Control Men's Jacket

  • £269.99 GBP
Willow Green/Black

Have full control on body temperature when outdoors. 

Harkila Heat Jacket extends your time in action outdoors. It is the perfect solution for cold weather conditions simply because it provides two ways (Mobile App & Button) in which you can control the temperature of your body through technology; 

Heat Control Mobile App - The Harkila Heat Control App allows you to precisely choose the exact temperature to suit your level of temperature comfort depending on activity. Heat could be set up between 30-38°C, 38-46 °C & 46-53°C. Plug in a power bank, connect to your smartphone, turn up the heat! 

Heat Control Button - The push button allows you to switch between three pre-set temperatures. Ring colour of the button 38°C (Blue), 46°C (Yellow) & 53°C (Red). Additionally, the Heat Control button connects the jacket to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. 

Heat control membrane- Harkila's heat jacket has a thin membrane to distribute the heat safely and efficiently. The new and improved innovative heat membrane is packable in a dry-bag. No wires or copper that crack! The membrane is designed to be very light and flexible and can be folded and packed away without risk of damaging the heating elements.

The HEAT technology- responsive and goes to sleep once the required temperature has been reached, to guarantee maximum battery life. The jacket can be connected to all types of USB power banks. The jacket has a high collar, two heating elements and a heat-reflecting lining. 

Features: Double heat Panels, Zipped chest pocket left side, Stretch fleece panels for comfort and movement, reflective heat lining, side zip pockets and stow pocket for power bank, Elastic collar, sleeve hem and bottom hem, Torch on power bank & Compass. 

Main Fabric: 100% Polyester, 20 denier poly knit, WR, Polyurethane-coating 

Lining: 100%polyester, 20 denier poly knit, Heat reflecting silver print

Padding:100% Polyester, 80g