Swarovski DS Gen.II 5-25x52 Rifle Scope

Swarovski's Generation II DS 5-25x52 Rifle Scope

The new updated Swarovski DS rifle scope can automatically display the correct aiming point alongside key hunting data, in real time. No more manual adjustments to turrets. The built in laser rangfinder gives the ability for much easier long range shots.The aiming point is calculated based on precise distance measurement, the angle of fire, the magnification selected, air pressure, temperature, and the ballistic data for your personal firearm/ammunition combination. 

The key updates from the original Swarovski DS rifle scope are:

- choice of 6 reticules

- Automatic brightness adjustment, based on ambient brightness

- Choose your own display parameters 

- Changes in the ergonomics of the unit, resulting in a slimmer turret and more mounting room on the tube

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  • £3,630.00 GBP