Blaser R8 Carbon Fibre Bipod

  • £410.00 GBP
  • £545.00 GBP

Quick Fit , Lightweight Carbon Support

Blaser's carbon fibre bipod is the newest must have addition to your Blaser rifle. These extremely light weight yet robust tools, offer a solid base off of which to shoot in any circumstances. These bipods can be detached and carried separately, allowing the rifle to be carried without added weight which may unbalance it on your shoulder. They can then be fitted very quickly by simply clicking them into position within seconds, ideal for getting setup for the shot with minimal fuss.


  • spikes at the bottom of each leg for firm grounding platform
  • pivot head
  • Quick fitting click-in system
  • ***NB- This item comes with a cone to fit either R8 Professional or Professional Success rifle, please select the correct variant.***