Zeiss Victory SF 8x42 Binoculars

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Effortless Use, Unrivalled Clarity

Experience the ZEISS VICTORY SF. Zeiss's newest addition to the optics world comes in the form of the new Victory SF binoculars. These extraordinary light weight glasses offer complete ease of use and unparalleled clarity. Their outstanding features include new "Smart Focus" technology, which allows for extrememly swift focusing, a sleak ergonomic design and a unique balance.

The Victory SFs are slightly heavier towards the eyepieces rather than the objective lenses, almost completely removing any element of fatigue when viewing for long periods and results in them sitting very comfortably in the eye sockets.Fantastic optics for bird watching , where watching and waiting patiently is the name of the game. Zeiss's Victory SFs will allow you all the time and comfort you need.